Founded in 2009 and based in Glasgow, Scotland; The Logic of Eight has been steadily building up a reputation for producing innovative and highly creative visual sales and marketing based design work across all areas of digital media. Our business model is based on the principle of doing good work so that customers come back to us again and again. So far it has worked with over 90% of our business being generated from happy client referrals.


Our combination of design quality and pricing has seen us build a client list ranging from the ‘kitchen table’ sole trader right up to international corporations. Our ability to cover more than one design principle means that we can offer so much more.


One honest and truthful thing we should tell you - we have a lot of raw natural talent at The Logic of Eight. And while that means that you get some great design work, it also means that we can do it pretty quickly. And that means that we don't actually charge as much as we probably should. It is a curse that has haunted us since day one all those years ago. We get told this by a lot of our clients (just after they have paid us for the most recent work of course) but we don't want to change. We want to constantly offer high quality design services at a fair price.